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Kalamb-Walchandnagar is a rural area suffering from poverty, illiteracy, drought and unemployment. The basic cause of all these evils was right identified by Shri.Uttam Phadtare, who is the farmer and an industrialist,a great visionary and philanthropist. He converted his thoughts into reality by creating educational and training facilities. For this, he founded Dnyan, Kala, & Krishi Pratishthan in 2007 to provide education to the poor farmer at this doorstep, which boosted the socio-economic progress of the rural people. Today, Shri.Uttam Phadtare is the president and his younger brother - Shri.Dattatray Phadtare is the Secretary of Dnyan, Kala, & Krishi Pratishthan. The Pratishthan is running following educational institutions:

    Industrial Training Institute

    Shree Vyankateshwara English medium school

    Maharashtra Institute of Management

    Late Shri Babasaheb Phadtare Polytechnic

    Late Sahebrao Phadtare Junior College Science

    Phadtare Global school

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Shri. Uttam Sahebrao Phadtare Chairman
2 Shri. Bahubali Walchand Gandhi Vice-Chairman
3 Shri. Dattatray Sahebrao Phadtare Secretary
4 Sau. Shaileja Dattatray Phadtare Trustee
5 Shri. Hanumant Sahebrao Phadtare Trustee
6 Shri. Satyawan Bandu Kedar Trustee
7 Shri. Baban Bapu Kambale Trustee
8 Shri. Arun Murlidhar Rodage Trustee
9 Shri. Subhash Shivaji Jadhav Trustee
10 Shri. Dnyaneshwar Shankar Khandagale Trustee
11 Sau. Ujjwala Uttam Phadtare Trustee
12 Sau. Surekha Milind Gandhi Trustee
13 Ushadevi Babasaheb Phadtare Trustee
14 Sau. Sangita Hanumant Phadtare Trustee
15 Sangita Babasaheb Phadtare Trustee