Dr.Arun Ingle


Within the wide boundaries of the corporate world, there are thousands of challenging activities which are to be done in the best possible manner. Amidst the changing paradigms, it is important that Institutes develop business leaders capable of adapting to business scenario. Management education plays a dynamic role in strategizing various activities involved in building such esteemed and recognized organizations.

At Dnyan ,Kala,Krida and Krishi Pratishtnan's Maharashtra Institute of Management, Kalamb,India, we diligently practice it in the cut-throat competitive race where our students are fed with knowledge of "What runs the industry" and "What the industry wants". To meet the growing demand for relevant talents student's development activities here focuses on innovation, true internal quest and deep exploration with wise application.

We look forward to have a long and prosperous association with you.

Dr.Arun Ingle
Campus Director Dnyan Kala, Krida And Krishi Prathisthan's
Phadtare Knowledge City.
Director, Maharashtra Institute Of Management.