Shri. Uttam Phadtare


In an increasingly competitive business environment - where national borders are of a less concen-it is clear that INDIA as a whole has a pressing need for sophisticated business leaders. These regional leaders must be wholly qualified to deal successfully with rapid and far-reaching changes,including the rapid development of information technology currently fueling global business.Maharahtra Institute Of Management develops business management post gradutes with the knowledge and analytical skills needed to take effective change of new economy.

Savitribai Phule Pune Unversity's MBA Program continues to be reckoned as the first accredited program in Western India and in the top rankings in the Maharashtra region.Teaching is by case-study,balanced with lectures,semninars and group work,all of which emphasize the application of theoretical training to the practical problems managers face today are are most likely to face in the future.

Convinced that modern management education must take root in it's home soil,Maharashtra Institute Of Management provides management education that is both relevant and Indian.We cordially invite you to consider the Maharashtra Institute Of Management,MBA program with all it's resources,challenges and opportunities,to shape your future,with a ground success.

"Students developement and bright future is our moto".

Shri. Uttam Phadtare
President, Dnyan Kala, Krida And Krishi Prathisthan's
Phadtare knowledge city.