Secretary Message

Shri. Dattatray Phadtare


When we decided to establish a management institute in rural area, we knew it was a challenge. However, every today, majority of Indian resources come from villages. So we decided to have an excellent infrastructure for MIM to produce excellent professionals. Maharashtra Institute of Management (MIM) today has 2897 Built up building of its own, situated within lush greenery of rural environment, and entirely pollution free atmosphere.

MIM adheres to all specifications of infrastructure given by the AICTE, DTE of Govt. of Maharashtra and that University of Pune. For MIM, we have large class rooms, conference room, and tutorial and syndicate rooms; all with require furniture, desks and benches, etc. For MIM, two fully equipped computer laboratories with necessary internet facilities have been provided.

Majority of the students come from adjacent rural localities. To sharpen their English communication skills, English language Laboratory is provided, for student to practice. We have also provided communication facility for the students to reach MIM. For those students, who would like to stay on campus, hostel facility is also available. Your interactions and the suggestions to create and develop better infrastructure and environment are most welcome.

Shri. Dattatray Phadtare
Secretary, Dnyan Kala, Krida And Krishi Prathisthan's
Phadtare knowledge city.